Saturday, June 2, 2018


It's like the Wedding Singer but better - all the cliche 80s references are here

Big blonde hair, the leather clad dude with a bobble hat and their synchronized 80s dance moves. It's the ultimate 1985 music video. Another Brick by FAKE.

LIFE is LIFE by Opus. Just the title of the song sounds 80s to me. The guy is dressed in his Dick Tracey oversized suit in a nice light shade of blue. He is clapping and side stepping nicely to the beat of this awesome 80s dance tune. He's sporting the latest 80s moustache, and his band is pretty sweet too with close cut mullets...and of course there is a great keytar player!

With the outdated disco square floor this band makes up for it by doing everything else 80s. The heavy space sounding synthesizer starts the song, with an easy beat the singer can clap his hands to. The drummer is stoic with a serious look on his face, and the guitar guy is smiling and doing a bad job at faking his guitar. It's Secret Service (what a name) with their 'hit' Flash in the night.

You want to see an 80s man in a skinny tie with heavily hair sprayed hair? Accompanied by a boppin' dude on keyboard? With scantily clad bikini babes (also with with big hair that is rock solid due to many cans of hairspray) in the background? No probs, here you go: Silent Circle 1985!

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