Friday, 13 March 2020



This COVID 19 CORONA virus has taken the world by the...I won't say. It was like the threat of nuclear attack in the 80s. 

Well let's make fun of the situation by bringing in some 80s music references.

The Cure, an obvious choice when dealing with a world wide pandemic.
I love this one. I'm no expert on COVID-19, but this is The Cure. Funny on so many levels.

Covid-19 Cure
I saw this meme and couldn't pass it up. Corona virus is scary, but The Cure ain't looking too good either. Ouch!

The Cure is looking scary like COVID 19
Then there is Dexy's Midnight Runners song "Come on Eileen" ...and it sounds like "Covid nineteen"
No joke, it really does get stuck in your head.

Come on Eileen sounds like Covid 19
And, you really can't get over the name of this virus, Corona Virus. Whoever found this virus first must have been drinking some beers. Am I right?

In the 80s Corona Virus was called a Hangover

Tuesday, 10 March 2020



I love Daryl Hall and Johnny Oates. Their songs from the early 80s are on all of my playlists. But, the best part about this fantastic duo is that they were so 80s. Their hair, their clothes, their attitude, and the moustache! I love looking at old photos of these dudes and having a little chuckle.

Hall and Oates - the 80s

First up we've got John Oates, the moustache guy. I think he won awards for that 'stash. It was right up there with Tom Selleck.

John Oates World Champ Mustache 1984

Cut the stash? Oates can't go for that
And, John, always having fun during photoshoots.

John Jokester Oates

Hall and Oates were not only my favourite band of the 80s, they were awarded Best Band / Favourite Band by the American Music Awards in 1982, 1983, AND 1984. Wow, that is an achievement! So is wearing these gold sparkling 80s outfits...

Hall and Oates best dressed at 80s party

And their jean jacket with jeans look, especially when they came to Canada.

Hall and Oates rockin the Canadian Tuxedo
They were so popular at the time they could get away with anything - breaking MTV, having bad hair, wearing tacky clothing...

Hall and Oates MTV

Fans couldn't get enough of these guys. They were great at mixing in with the locals when they went on world tours and such.

Hall and Oates funny!
Often I wonder about their songs. Your Kiss Is On My List - I get that it's cute, and sweet, that you'd have a list and put your girlfriend's name on it. But, it can sound kind of creepy if you think about it.

Hall and Oates Your Kiss is on my list

Hall and Oates are coming for the kiss that is on my list
And Maneater, their number 1 song from '82, sounds kind of cannibalistic. 

Maneater Daryl Hall
Hall and Oates Maneater

I Can't Go For That, their '81 hit, always had me questioning...what couldn't they go for?!

Free Viagra - Hall and Oates Can Go For That
I did find a nice remix of "I can't go for that" overdubbed with "I ain't got time for that". Just shows that Hall and Oates is still hip with the kids today.

I know I'm poking fun at these guys, but truthfully I still love them. I'm always playing their songs in my house, in my car, and in my dreams (which they make come true). I'm pretty excited they are back on tour this summer and might even try to see them when they come near. Here is a link to their concert dates . That is something I Can Go For!

Hall and Oates meme
Keep on hall and oates'n

Thursday, 16 January 2020



Part of the second British Invasion, these new wave 80s icons put together some memorable tunes. Heavy on the synth, and great with the catchy choruses, they had multiple number one hits in the mid 1980s. Hits like Shout, Everybody Wants To Rule the World, Head Over Heels, Mad World, Sowing The Seeds Of Love. Their album Songs From The Big Chair is a staple of almost everyone's vinyl collection...or at least anyone with good taste. 
Songs From The Big Chair - Tears For Fears album
Let it all out

Your welcome for getting that little song in your head.
Singing Shout by Tears for Fears
I'm not sure which one was the shouter - Curt Smith or the other dude?
Shout Shout Let it All out meme
What catchy songs Tears had. Yes, I shortened the name to make it hipper - Tears! You can learn the chorus of Shout in about ten seconds and it just sticks with you on so many levels. You can sing, you can shout, you can just let it all out. It's therapeutic.
I feel it may be wrong to whisper the song Shout. What do you think?
Shout Tears for Fears meme
If you don't love Shout, or shouting in general. Perhaps you liked Everybody wants to rule the world?
Rumour has it that Drake likes this song.
Drake's reactions to Tears for Fears songs
Which band member thought of the idea for the song? Roland takes credit, but I have a feeling Curt Smith was on that same train of thought. Choo-Choo.
The breakthrough moment when Roland and Curt realized Everybody Wants To Rule The World!
Everybody wants to rule the world was the theory of Tears for Fears
This song has staying power. If you just look at the world today you can see the song is still relevant. Kim Jong and Trump both have this song on their playlists.
Tears for Fears Trump and Kim want to rule the world
Calm down earth, Roland and Curt did not actually expect to rule you. Or did they?
Tears for Fears rules a Mad World
Even the fashion of these guys is still hip. Remember the video for Head Over Heels? Curt is head over heels in love with the big-haired librarian. And he has those big 80s style glasses, which all the hipsters are wearing today.
Tears for Fears awkward 80s fashion
And of course tears have been a part of humanity for all of time. Usually it's tears of sadness not tears for fears, but, some say tomato some say tomato.

Tears for Fears meme

Thursday, 9 January 2020



There are some memorable lyrics from our favourite songs from the 80s. Here are a few to bring on that sentimental feeling.

Africa by Toto - the first few lyrics, I HEAR THE DRUMS ECHO INTO NIGHT... with the soft drumming in the background. Oh what a feeling.

Africa - TOTO
 The quintessential 80s teen movie song from the Breakfast Club. Simple Minds - DON'T YOU FORGET ABOUT ME.
Don't forget about me - Simple Minds
My personal favourite, that totally awesome new wave band The Cars with WHO'S GOING TO DRIVE YOU HOME TONIGHT? 
Drive - The Cars
Phil Collins made my list with EASY LOVER! Because, he's and easy lover. Mullet included.
easy lover - Phil Collins
Don't You Want Me by The Human League has some lines that remind me of that great 80s film with Tom Cruise - Cocktail.
Don't You Want Me Tom Cruise - The Human League
80s ballads must be included. REO SPEEDWAGON - Keep on Loving You. I'm gonna keep on repeating this line in my head all day. Thanks.
Keep on Loving you - REO Speedwagon
EDDIE MONEY hits the spot with the lyrics in TAKE ME HOME TONIGHT!
Take me home tonight - Eddie Money
These four lyrics repeat in my brain all the time too. WHAM - FAITH!
Faith - WHAM
The punky sounds of The Romantics What I like about you. David Hasselhoff holding a dog tight.
What I Like About You - The Romantics
The decadence decade was still a time when you had to FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHT TO PARTY (ala Beastie Boys). By party, I mean wear headbands and fringed outfits. Oh, 80s fashion!
Fight For Your Right To Party - Beastie Boys