Tuesday, September 24, 2019



Our WILD BOYS of the 80s, DURAN DURAN, were a great example of 80s decadence! With their over the top party lifestyle, the countless women, the voluminous hair, the trendy clothes, and those great videos that played over and over on MTV!
Simon and the boys still have a huge, dedicated, fan base and their songs are still popular on the retro radio stations. And, they had so many hits didn't they?

My favourite song was always WILD BOYS! Doesn't that just describe them to a 'T', or should I say double 'D'!

Wild Boys Duran Duran in 80s fashion
Then I'd have to say RIO would be next on my Duran Duran song list.

Duran Duran headed to RIO

Duranians know RIO
I wasn't the only big fan of Duran. It's a well-known fact that Princess Dianna liked to listen to the synthesizer beats of Duran Duran in her early adulthood. I think she was just as nervous to meet them as they were to meet her!

Princess Di was a big Duran Duran fan
I know there are still so many of us that just cannot get over the band. And, when you see old pics of Simon it all comes rushing back!

Simon Lebron says relax
Makes you kind of hungry, HUNGRY LIKE THE WOLF, if you know what I mean?!

Caution Duran Duran Fans can get hungry like the wolf

Hungry Like The Wolf?

Future Duran Duran Fan

From one Duranian to another, keep on listening and loving our WILD BOYS from the 80s.

Duran Duran was very fashion forward at the time

Girls on Film - Duran Duran

Ordinary World Duran Duran quote

New Moon On Monday

Thursday, September 12, 2019



1981, the year that MTV debuted. When Members Only jacket paired with parachute pants were in style. When Dukes of Hazard was still rad. Bette Davis Eyes was the year's big music hit!

Betty Davis Eyes - Kim Carnes

This hit song spent nine weeks on the top of the charts. The biggest hit for Kim Carnes in her career. The song subject, Bette Davis, apparenlty liked the song and even thanked Carnes for making her name 'a part of modern times'. 

Betty Davis Eyes

Betty Davis Eyes Lyrics

Jessie's Girl - Rick Springfield

This song had a slow, slow, slow rise up the charts. After release it took 19 weeks to make it to the top spot. That's probably the record for longest rise to the top of the chart. It did not keep the number one spot for long, however, this song is still one of the more popular and well played 80s songs of all time - especially in the 'mom' crowd.

Jessie's Girl

Rick Springfield was Jessie's Girl

Hold On Tight - ELO

This song was big worldwide, especially Europe. ELO was riding high in the late 70s and early 80s, so it's no surpise they are on the list of Top Songs of 81...even if I, personally, don't love this song.

Hold On Tight sang ELO - good advise while riding a roller coaster

Every Little Thing She Does - The Police

Almost every chart worldwide had this song as a number one or close to it hit. Funny enough The Police were reluctant to record the song since it was a softer / poppier sound than they were used to playing. Luckily they did a take or two and gave us one of the best songs of 1981.

The Police - Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic renamed Minerva

The Police - music meme

In The Air Tonight - Phil Collins

This is the epic drum solo song that you can't help playing air drums to everytime you hear it. Or is that only me? It was Phil's first solo single during his break from the band Genesis. It quickly rose to the top of the charts everywhere and slowly declined. It's still a standard on every kind of radio station from classic rock to hits-from-every-decade-kind-of-station. It's both atmospheric and rockin, not quite soft but no hard either.

I can feel it coming in the air tonight - Phil Collins on acid rain

I can feel it coming - Lyrics 80s graphic design background

Urgent - Foreigner

Foreigner had a great year in 81 with the release of their album '4' which included huge hits like Urgent and Waiting For A Girl Like You. Both awesome hits. Urgent was the first single off the album and easily hiked up the charts in North America staying near the top for an entire month. Then they did it a few months later with the second single Waiting for a girl like you.

Foreigner - Urgent but patient enough to wait for a girl like you

The Stroke - Billy Squire

This is another one of those songs that almost didn't get recorded. In this case the record label execs told Billy it was no good, but he had an extra spot available on his album so they let him record it. Turned out to be his most popular hit.

Billy Squire The Stroke dork meme

Stroke, Stroke, Stroke. Billy Squire could have led a viking ship

Grumpy Cat doesn't like 80s music

1981 was a great year for music wasn't it? I bet you have the vinyl collection to prove it!

Thursday, September 5, 2019


Iconic 80s in meme form!

Remember toys in cereal boxes? I do. I recall the sticky octopus. Throwing that sucker against the wall and watching it slowly climb down. What I mostly remember about the wall climbing octopus was the dust it collected. You didn't want to let that thing actually touch the ground, or fall under a refridgerator with all the dust bunnies.

80s dust collector - the cereal box toy sticky octopus
The 80s was that decade that started this whole entitled generation of rock stars. It started with Van Halen and no brown M&Ms. Before all this rock stars, like Billy Idol, did menial things like make their own tea!

Billy Idol makes his own tea. Early 80s.
Remember smoking in restaurants? The waitress would ask you, "smoking or non", like the three feet difference in a closed room made a difference. I can still taste a Big Mac laced with that rich smokey flavour of cigarettes.

Big Mac and a smoke - 80s dining
I loved growing up in the 80s. Playing pac-man at the local greasy spoon until the streetlights came on...then you knew it was time to hustle your butt home or Mom would be yelling your name down the street!

Streetlights are on. Time to go home.
The music! 80s music was so great. It still is. In fact, I still find myself rocking out to it while working in the garage. Sometimes a Bon Jovi, or Skid Row song will come on and I'll grab a broom and air guitar!
Share if you still rock out to 80s music
TV too. 80s tv programming was so great. I must have spent half my waking hours turning the knob on our TV back and forth between the three channels that the antenna could pick up. One of my favourite shows was Hercules. Remember, 'hey Herc?' I saw this picture the other day and thought how it reminded me of the Lord of The Rings.

80s cartoon Hercules reminds me of the LOTR

I also liked Pee Wee Herman. Man, that guy was funny. I always wanted to have a word of the day. But, I wanted it to be something like Motley Crue!

Pee Wee Herman secret word is MOTLEY CRUE
A lot of the old bands are making a come back; reunion tour; one last grab at the pot. They are all looking really old. I saw a pic of ZZ Top the other day and was like, 'Oh my god, the ZZ Top guy looks like Dumbledore from Harry Potter!"

ZZ Top looks like Dumbledore

Monday, August 26, 2019



Sting, what a rockstar name, was huge in the 80s. First with the Police, then with himself. Fun fact: the song "Don't Stand So Close To Me", was actually written about Sting's shadow.
Sting - Don't Stand So Close To Me
Interior design was coming into its own in the 80s as well. The music of the decade had some influence as well. Whitesnake's hit song "Here I Go Again (On My Own)" inspired the third wheel style booth that was popular in many fast food restaurants in the mid to late 80s.
Whitesnake - Here I Go Again On My Own

Way before the 10 cent a minute long distance plans, we all remember waiting until evening to make a long distance phone call. Even Stevie Wonder, who would call just to say I love you, waited until at least 8pm when the rates were low. Smart man that Stevie Wonder.
Stevie Wonder calls late to say I love you

Now, back in the day I was a huge Tears for Fears fan. I was head over heels, wanted to rule the world, sowed some seeds of love...and it turns out there were some pretty famous people who were also fans of Tears for Fears. Including one Darth Vader.
Tears For Fears Fan, Darth Vader, wants to rule the world

Big fan of early Phil Collins as well. I still stop whatever I'm doing when In The Air comes on the radio. I wait patiently for the wicked drum solo that really gets the song going and I air drum along. Usually I grab whatever is nearby to use as drumsticks - nowadays, it's usually chop sticks (how modern am I?). But, what I'm saying is always be ready to rock out and air drum along to that song.
Air drumming to Phil Collins

I really liked U2 as well. All of their albums, not just Joshua Tree. I thought I was pretty clever, and funny, when I took the song With or Without You literally. Where would Bono live? Not With and Not Without You as shown in this diagram.

U2 Bono cannot live with or without you

That sounds like a fantasy world to me. Reminds me of that Queen lyric, "is this just real life or is this just fantasy?" Sometimes I look back on the 80s and think, I'm not 100% sure that was real.
Queen meme
Like dancing in the 80s. I used to vogue a lot, I mean a lot. I'd also try a bunch of arm twisting moves in an homage to David Bowie. I'd crank up, Let's Dance, and I'd sway to the beat.
David Bowie - Let's Dance
Sometimes I'd want some harder music, not sound-like-a-cordless-drill metal, but something with long hair and a beat to bang to. You know who fits that bill? Def Leppard! Hysterica, Imagica, Photographica...okay, I just sound like an ass now making fun of 80s rock.
I want to hear Def Leppard NOW says Veruca Salt!

Bon Jovi was another great guy/band that I loved to rock out to. But, the poor guy get's Shot Through The Heart and I'm not sure he lived? Luckily he didn't get shot through the head.
Shot Through The Heart - Bon Jovi funny
I say good thing, because Bon Jovi was the cassette I'd put on when the ladies were in the car and we'd head up to heartbreak hill. Get the 80s prom dress on, the white suit, lots of hairspray and get ready for a night of Bon Jovi and making out in a Buick.
Bon Jovi prom night in the 80s
You know who I alway thought looked like Jon Bon Jovi...John Cougar Mellencamp. You know the guy who sang about his small town, and about the kids from that small town. I wonder which town it actually was?
John Cougar sings about a small town, over and over and over again.
I'll leave you with one last Pat Benetar meme. It's not mine, but I found it very funny. Love is a battlefield.
Love is a battlefield