Thursday, 26 July 2018



I love seeing old pictures of Angus or Malcolm - they were real characters with a rebellious sense of humour that I find hilarious. Just check out some of these...

The boys posing for the annual band picture

A band trip to the military museum

Here's a good one for mom to hang on the wall at home

Inappropriate boys! Don't wast the film!
Is Angus okay?
Always in that school boy outfit - how immature! HAHA.

It's so awesome that these dudes, who are just having a good time, have sold millions and millions and millions of records. And, pounded the eardrums of millions and millions and millions of people. And, they are still cool with the kids.

Halloween costume? No, regular day wear.

As a parent I know the value in playing good music to my baby. Which is why I wore out the AC/DC lullaby CD. I'm serious, if you haven't heard these renditions of AC/DC songs you are missing out. They are ac/dc songs played by a music box - that tingy-tangy sound. It both rocks and soothes.

I use AC/DC music as a relaxation tool as well. After a hard day at work I turn up the radio (to 11) and play some hard rockin' Highway To Hell!

 There are so many great artistic creations inspired by AC/DC. Do a quick internet search and may end up spending the next hour scrolling, but, it is well worth it.

Electric devil horned AC DC!

The Evolution Of ROCK

A little TNT for ya

Poking fun at a medical disorder

old jokes?

name puns?

star wars mash-ups?

Electrician joke, now that is funny.

I really can't get enough of these electric current jokes

Rock on ACDC

Thursday, 19 July 2018


Part Duran Duran Part Robert Palmer

In the mid 80s Duran Duran took a bit of a break as a band. A couple of the members of Duran Duran (John Taylor & Andy Taylor)...NOT Simon Lebon [insert sad face] teamed up with Robert Palmer and created a few songs. 

Personally, I don't love the Power Station music, but, with the celebrity power behind the Taylors and Palmer I can understand why their song Some Like it Hot & Bang a Gong were top billboard hits. And, why they got to perform on SNL and have an interview on Good Morning America - 

But, of course with all musical supergroups there are problems. Ego problems. You put together a few big-headed successful musicians who are used to having their own way with their other band, add that 'creative temperment' and BOOM you've got fireworks. Apparently there were a few blow ups with Palmer getting all defensive about 'who created Power Station's sound'. That's just the rumours.

Whenever I heard this song all I can think about is the Lampoon's movie European Vacation. Rusty daydreams he is some sort of celebrity walking through a club that is playing this song while scantily clad ladies (in their 80s aerobic outfits) dance and claw at him.

I found a really good cover of the song done by a band called CHIN CHIN. I bet it would be hard to cover a song like this, and I like Chin Chin's funky take on it ...

Friday, 13 July 2018



All these years you've been singing the wrong words to your favourite 80s songs.

Bon Jovi's Living on A Prayer is often misquoted - the real words "It Doesn't Make A Difference If We're Naked Or Not"
That's suggestive eh?
Living on a prayer - possibly nude!

Starships smash hit We Built This City has some yummy sounding lyrics. "We Built This City On Sausage Rolls"...they must be a UK band eh?  

A city build on sausage rolls must have a river of HP sauce flowing through it.

Dire Straits' wanted their MTV and their Flintstone Microwave Ovens! I fondly recall the Flintstone vitamins, but, I didn't know the Flintstone's brand was attached to a microwave oven as well.

Flintstone microwave ovens don't beep they yabba-dabba-doo!


Wednesday, 11 July 2018



I've found more video of talented folk out there doing covers of 80s songs in strange ways, using different instruments, or what not.

Rod Steward's Young Turks mandolin version:

Hows about a whisling version of Young Turks from this old guy:

Here's a sweet video of a band rehearsing in their living room - the camera guy is really getting into it
Romantics - Talking in your sleep by The Romantics:

Not a bad cover of the same song (Talking in your sleep) - what makes this one really memorable, the singers are twins! Identical twins!

Here is a cringy version of Talking in your sleep - just a man, his guitar, his keyboard, his Mickey&Minnie mouse stuffies, and strawberry shortcake playing on the big screen behind him ... not counting the actual singing and playing. Challenge you to watch at least 30 seconds.

OMG, there are so many covers of this song that make me want to gag with a spoon (sic) - how about a classic cover band at a wedding with a little dance routine to the song...

This cover is good - it's the combo of video and singers accent that make me laugh..

I get a weird feeling when I watch this cover/karaoke of the song:

Thursday, 5 July 2018



I'm sure, like a lot of you, a big old smile comes across your face when a Tom Petty song comes on the radio - the slow rocky crooning music just invites you to sing along. My personal favourite is THE WAITING. 

Musically it is pretty simple, but, maybe that is what makes it great? I've read that Petty came up with the chorus and the guitar lick pretty quick - but, the rest of the song, even though it is pretty simple, took a lot of time to put together. He apparently played and played for days on end trying to complete the song. It drove his roomates nutty. And, the quotable lyric 'the waiting is the hardest part' - one of those facts that you completely overlook until an artist like Tom points it out. There are rumours that one of the guys from the Byrds (the band) told it to Petty, or that he ripped it off from Janis Joplin who said it in an interview once...but, like all artistic things quotes and stories are often reused/recycled/modified and you never know where you get 'em from right?
The waiting is the hardest part
Tom Petty says the song is about waiting to see if your dreams will come true. It's one of those quotes that could be used for many different things.

I think it would make a great quote in a dental office:

But, it appears the song is being played more than ever - covers and such. How do I know this? Stats of course. I ran across a website showing stats of how often and who is playing this song ... it's both interesting and odd. Here is a link - 

Stand your ground Tom don't fall over!

Then there is all of those other singable car songs - Living like a refugee, Won't Back Down, Don't do me like that, Here comes my girl, Don't come around here no more, Free fallin, You don't know how it many!!!!

I don't know what it feels like to play a V Guitar, but Petty does!