Thursday, July 26, 2018



I love seeing old pictures of Angus or Malcolm - they were real characters with a rebellious sense of humour that I find hilarious. Just check out some of these...

The boys posing for the annual band picture

A band trip to the military museum

Here's a good one for mom to hang on the wall at home

Inappropriate boys! Don't wast the film!
Is Angus okay?
Always in that school boy outfit - how immature! HAHA.

It's so awesome that these dudes, who are just having a good time, have sold millions and millions and millions of records. And, pounded the eardrums of millions and millions and millions of people. And, they are still cool with the kids.

Halloween costume? No, regular day wear.

As a parent I know the value in playing good music to my baby. Which is why I wore out the AC/DC lullaby CD. I'm serious, if you haven't heard these renditions of AC/DC songs you are missing out. They are ac/dc songs played by a music box - that tingy-tangy sound. It both rocks and soothes.

I use AC/DC music as a relaxation tool as well. After a hard day at work I turn up the radio (to 11) and play some hard rockin' Highway To Hell!

 There are so many great artistic creations inspired by AC/DC. Do a quick internet search and may end up spending the next hour scrolling, but, it is well worth it.

Electric devil horned AC DC!

The Evolution Of ROCK

A little TNT for ya

Poking fun at a medical disorder

old jokes?

name puns?

star wars mash-ups?

Electrician joke, now that is funny.

I really can't get enough of these electric current jokes

Rock on ACDC

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