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AC/DC have been around forever, but, really had their hayday in the 80s! With hits like Highway to Hell, Hells Bells, Who Made Who...and that song even non-rockers like You Shook Me All Night Long!  Was that about an earthquake? I've never been able to figure that one out.

They put on a good show too - even invented the wrecking ball thing that Miley Cyrus tried recently.

Bon Scott, who tragically passed in 1980, was quite the jokester.

Remember, Bon, stretch those tattoos by drinking your milk
I guess he played the bagpipes like a BOSS! 

The Bagpipe Boss Bon Scott!
Then there is Angus Young - the school boy outfit wearin' guitar god. He found an outfit and went with it - winter, summer, rocking out, boy goes with any activity. I believe he inspired the facebook guy Mark Zukkerberg and his grey tshirt everday. One less think go think about.

Angus, you look pretty!

Angus was also great with giving journalists great quotes.

They may sound similar, as in all rock!

AC/DC - gotta love 'em

 With so many songs to choose from people have come up with some pretty good gags.

And, of course the name and Logo is well known and loved.

Not sure why they wore such tight pants?!

Why so tight?

Rock on readers and thanks for stopping by.

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