Wednesday, 15 March 2017



I remember this white cassette - the Twisted Sister cassette!
I would play We're Not Going To Take It or I Wanna Rock on a little cassette player while I sat in my bedroom window. When people would walk by I would up the volume (sometimes to 11) until they looked over at me. Ah, a rebel without a cause at age 7. An annoying little rebel :) Funny to look back on now.
It turns out Twisted Sister is funny to look back on too. Not just the overdressed costumed drag/apocalyptic caveman that Dee Snider was...

First, did you know they are from Ho-Ho-Kus, New Jersey...that's a funny name for a place.
Second, they were often labeled as 'Glam Rock'. Makes sense to me, they did dress up in lots of extravagant costumes. But, Dee Snider was always offended by this. Really? Well, I guess he does have a point, they didn't use glitter or shiny sequins or anything 'glammy' like that...I'm stretching here guys.
The fashion sense of Twisted Sister

Third, they had awesome nicknames. Here goes...
Daniel Snider - DEE (who would have known his 'real' name was Daniel)
Mark Mendoza - THE ANIMAL (Bass player and 'animal'? Oh, sarcasm!)
Eddie Ojeda - FINGERS (A guitarist named 'fingers'...original)
Michael Portnoy - MIKE (The poor drummer must have gotten his nickname after all the creative juice had been drunk?)
FINGERS is not only hot on the guitar, but, he is hot on in he makes hot sauce now. You can buy it online at What a funny second career eh?

Twisted Sister was such a band of the times eh? Excessive outfits, excessive music, excessive videos...ah, to be in the 80s again! Not in our 80s, but, back in the decade of the 80s...

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