Monday, October 30, 2017



Where's Waldo (Where's Wally outside of North America) was a book that came out in the late 80s...and I'm happy to say it is still going strong with young kids today. A timeless piece that connects generations. The greatest generation (80s) and the next greatest generation (the 2000s).

Where's Waldo modernized

Where's Waldo 80..ized.

But, did you ever actually stop and think about Waldo? Was Waldo on the run? Why were we constantly looking for him? Was it in fact a symbolic piece that we all connected with because we were all searching for ourselves?

Lose yourself for too long and you may need to seek help.

Waldo must have had some serious mental health issues.

Or maybe we just thought his dorky hat was funny?!

Wow, that's a lot of Waldo hats!
Could that kind of phenomenon happen now adays? Not with social media and GPS tracking on phones. Unless you were a hermit living off the grid...actually, now that I look at it, Waldo does look like he could fit into a back-to-nature commune or something like that.


A quick google search will show you where Waldo is, or at least where he was...

I've had a theory on Waldo that I've been working on for years. I think he commits a lot of crime and his alibi is the crowd...sure, spend an hour finding him, while he is actually out robbing old ladies, then when he shows up he claims, "i was here the whole time". 
I'm certain I checked the spot where he was like 15 times! I SWEAR IT! DAMN YOU WALDO!!!
30 years later Waldo has never been convicted
Another theory is that he is a major baby daddy...that actually makes a lot of sense. Sound legit to me.

Waldo evades child support payment for 23rd year in a row

He could also be like that bratty kid you used to play hide and seek with...the one that would bend the rules. Jerk.

Not well played Waldorf!
Reminds me of this guy - Levi Johnston. The guy who went to the library copy of Where's Waldo and circled him or used white out! Thanks for ruining it for me Levi! Yes, I still hold a grudge 30 years later!

Who really cares where he was hiding, we all know the real reason why he was hiding. Chuck Norris is the reason.

Hear the sounds of the 80s

Hits, hairbands, Hall & Oates - all on my free streaming all 80s radio station.

Great mix of 80s music put together by DJ Throwback

Monday, October 23, 2017



Go on Relax and laugh at these memes...

Frankie says Relax
Hey, Frankie has been to Hollywood. If he says Relax, then you better Relax!

Relax if Frankie says Relax, seriously!

I workout a lot, at least once a month. And when I do, I put my walkman to MAX volume...not only b/c my Weird Al cassettes are worn out, but, to pump me up! Then I rock it to the oldies!

Richard Simmons rocks to the oldies (ie 80s music)

Did you ever think you'd see 1) Spock showing emotion? 2) A Star Trek / Scorpions mash up meme that is totally awesome?!

Spock / Scorpions - rock n roll dude!

I feel bad for the newest generation. They won't be born to run, they won't want Jessie's girl ... they might relax if Frankie tells them to, but, they are going to miss out on all of these great 80s references. Poor millenials. 

As we age, there is a higher chance of having health problems such as strokes. So, be ready. Have Billy Squire's The Stroke ready to play at all moments just in case you require help and cannot speak due to stroke.

Tears for Fears is still touring eh? I've heard they are still partying it up while on tour as well, with a nice thick stout. Yum...might want to have a warm brandy right before you hit the hay (implying they are old if you didn't catch it).

 I get it though. Now that I'm older, still very cool, but, older. I appreciate that the Beastie Boys fought for our right to party, I just choose not to excercise that right. Where's my brandy, I want to go to bed soon.
Protect your rights!

 Thanks for stopping by. Just one more thing - beat it! Or, check out some more 80s memes - here

Monday, October 16, 2017



Hey, if Eddie Van Halen is cheer-sing you for listening to 80s music thirty years later then cheers him back...FYI no reference to the 80s TV show cheers, that could be a copyright infringement. Wouldn't want to do anything like that.

I still love when 80s Aerosmith comes on the radio, the classic rock station of course. I still sing it the way I did back in the 80s, "data, it like a lady!"

I know the 'special guy' in goonies is not called chunk, but, I think he should have been called chunk!

There is alot of talk about Foreigners lately. I keep hoping it is about the band, but, 99% of the time is in not. Too bad b/c Foreigner rocked!

Millenials may not understand that big time song from Dolly Parton in the 80s, that 'Workin' 9 to 5' one. Apparently, they work 24 hours a day or retail jobs which are all over the place. I still don't understand the term 'working from home', unless you are a VCR repairman. 

If there was an 80's version of monopoly I'd buy Electric Avenue and Paradise City everytime!

Back in my day you had to look in the atlas for Funkytown...I think it was near Detroit.

I'm going to get religious on you and talk about Genesis, and the gospel of Phil...

Really, the only thing I love nowadays, that isn't from the 1980s I mean, is Grumpy Cat. But, I really only like the Grumpy cat jokes that make references to the 80s or my favourite 80s bands. 

A double 80s doozie!
Ever since that dang show GLEE came out the radio has been overplaying Journey! I just don't believe it.

Would someone have the nerve to photoshop Bon Jovi with a Banjo? Probably.

You know what 80s one hit wonder seems to be more popular as a meme than as a song? Jenny (867-4309). Think about it. When is the last time you heard Jenny on the radio, even the classic rock station? Now how often do you see an 867-5309 joke? Probably more. That's just what I'm sayin.

Dee Snider turned like 80 the other day...

See, 1980s memes are full of fun and memories.