Monday, October 23, 2017



Go on Relax and laugh at these memes...

Frankie says Relax
Hey, Frankie has been to Hollywood. If he says Relax, then you better Relax!

Relax if Frankie says Relax, seriously!

I workout a lot, at least once a month. And when I do, I put my walkman to MAX volume...not only b/c my Weird Al cassettes are worn out, but, to pump me up! Then I rock it to the oldies!

Richard Simmons rocks to the oldies (ie 80s music)

Did you ever think you'd see 1) Spock showing emotion? 2) A Star Trek / Scorpions mash up meme that is totally awesome?!

Spock / Scorpions - rock n roll dude!

I feel bad for the newest generation. They won't be born to run, they won't want Jessie's girl ... they might relax if Frankie tells them to, but, they are going to miss out on all of these great 80s references. Poor millenials. 

As we age, there is a higher chance of having health problems such as strokes. So, be ready. Have Billy Squire's The Stroke ready to play at all moments just in case you require help and cannot speak due to stroke.

Tears for Fears is still touring eh? I've heard they are still partying it up while on tour as well, with a nice thick stout. Yum...might want to have a warm brandy right before you hit the hay (implying they are old if you didn't catch it).

 I get it though. Now that I'm older, still very cool, but, older. I appreciate that the Beastie Boys fought for our right to party, I just choose not to excercise that right. Where's my brandy, I want to go to bed soon.
Protect your rights!

 Thanks for stopping by. Just one more thing - beat it! Or, check out some more 80s memes - here

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