Friday, July 12, 2019



The 80s, a time when technology was simple and BIG (like the hair). Now everything can be done on a smart phone. Those poor old electronics are now obsolete, useless, outdated...I bet they do have a grudge against modern 'phones'.

80s technology vs the smart phone
At least the music of the 80s and the icons of the 1980s are still going strong in pop culture. Like the latest documentaries on Freddie Mercury and Elton John.
Another One Bites The Dust, literally
Remember Billy Idol made a cameo in The Wedding Singer...oh, I guess that was like twenty years ago, but to me it seems recent. Oh great, another feeling old moment. What I do remember about Billy Idol is singing his songs wrong. Mony Mony I used to sing as Pony Pony and I'd ride my imaginary pony around the room!

Billy Idol misheard lyric - Mony Mony or Pony Pony
Now I'm just an old guy listening to Classic Rock on the radio, playing my air guitar when Def Leppard comes on.

Def Leppard rocks the leg guitar
 No Young Turk anymore Rod.
Rod Stewart aint no young turk anymore
I'm more concerned with the numbers on my odometer than phone numbers scratched onto walls saying call Jenny for a good time - 867-5309.

Jenny 867-5309 Funny
My fashion sense is not as bold as it used to be. In the 80s I was dressed to thrill, whip it, or moonwalk. I can still whip it good, but it's more along the lines of making whipped cream from scratch!

Whip It, Whip It Good

Tuesday, July 2, 2019



Eddie Van Halen was a rock god! Not only could he play mind blowing solos, but he could do it while smoking at the same time! Multi-Tasking Rock N Roll style!

Multi-tasking rock style as shown by Eddie Van Halen
Eddie Van Halen had a great sense of humour. One day I found him in his guitar room playing a tiny guitar. I asked him what he was doing? He said, "playing a little guitar". #dadjoke

Eddie Van Halen plays a little guitar #dadjoke
David Lee Roth had a sense of humor as well. Sometimes more crude, but still funny. Usually it involved butt cheeks!

Van Halen funny meme - Oh David Lee Roth!
Spandex outfits were always a bit of joke too. Especially the custom made Running With The Devil suit.

Running with the devil outfit
His wordplay in songs could be considered humourous if you took it the right way. Otherwise he just sounded like a pervert!

Van Halen Panama - reach down between my legs and ease the seat back
 Photo shoots were always a chance for the band to do the seriously-funny thing. They'd dress up in serious outfits, give a serious look to the camera, and give the impression of a put together serious pro, but really, with their giant rock hair these pictures just looked hilarious.

Eddie Van Halen ready to parachute into Panama
 Then there was David Lee Roth doing his seriously-sexy face. He thought he was gods gift to women. But take on of his serious photos and add some of his lyrics and you've got a good laugh!

David Lee Roth - JUMP
 And his song Just A Gigalo is pure fun and laughs...mostly b/c I think he is not kidding. His huge ego is hilarious to laugh at now.
Just a gigalo everywhere I go
He really did bring charisma and character to the band in the beginning. Then when Sammy took over the lead vocals...
Van Halen Sammy Hagar Era meme
 I think what we all learned is that WE NEED MORE HALEN in our lives!

You need more VAN HALEN in your life

Wednesday, June 19, 2019



Billy Idol was such a rebel in the 80s, hence the Rebel Yell, that he sang about Dancing With Myself. Poor guy, dancing all alone. Well guess what? Turns out he found a girl to dance with and now he doesn't dance with himself anymore. Hooray!

Billy Idol finds girl and does not dance with himself

Fast forward thirty years and another big music star does some dancing with himself and makes some waves. Drake. Canadian rapper Drake does some weird solo dancing in the bling bling cellphone video which everyone seems to make fun of? You know what would be even funnier, if the song was from the 80s and he wanted someone to call him on their cell phone - the big brick cell phone! So big you wouldn't be able to make many smooth dance moves!

Call me on your cell phone 80s style
Speaking of calling someone, Daniel Larusso says you'd better call Kenny Loggins because you are in the danger zone. The crane kick danger zone!

Call Kenny Loggins because you are in the danger zone
Mobile phones turn out to be bad for your social health, just ask Madonna who uses her phone to take selfies. I can see why she sang Like A Virgin...

Madonna - like a virgin
It is convenient to have a great camera with you at all times. Beats the 80s when you'd have to carry around a Kodak or Nikon, snaps some pictures, get the negatives processed, and pick up one copy of the picture. So if you are out walking around and see something like a sign for Electric Avenue ...

Rock down to Electric Ave. and then take it higher

It is good to get out, away from technology, take a walk. Maybe as Cyndi Lauper suggested go Walking on Sunshine. You'll feel great!

Shrute sets Cyndi Lauper straight - you cannot walk on sunshine
Nowadays, technology is just too complex for me. I used to be a pretty good hacker. I'd set up my Teddy Ruxpin to play Rick Astley and feel good b/c Teddy was never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down, never gonna turn around and desert you...

Rick Astley tape in the Teddy Ruxpin - Never gonna...
And, I knew fashion. When I wanted to dance around to my favourite 80s songs I'd just put on the old spandex and, as Olivia Newton John suggested, I'd get Physical!

Olvia Newton John Physical and the 80s fashion

Ah the perfect decade, the 80s. And as my Mom says, there is one perfect man and he's from the 80s, his name 

George Michael Meme

Thursday, June 13, 2019



The first personal computers. We did not have one, but I had a few friends who had Commodore 64s or Vic 20s or MacIntosh Apple Computers! I remember those early games, heck that's how everyone learned anything about The Oregon Trail. We learned new words like DYSENTERY that we had to look it up in a paper dictionary. 

How kids learned about the Oregon Trail

Oregon Trail killing kids with Dysentery since the 80s

Oregon Trail - you have died of dysentery
Atari was huge too. It was a revolutionary idea to have an arcade game at home, on your tube TV! Again, I never had one (wow, was I a deprived kid or what?) but I had friends who did. What I remember most is the dire warnings Moms would give you about being too close to the TV when you played...

80s video games - you are too close to the TV you will ruin your eyes
The TV. I loved watching Alf and his misadventures trying to catch the family cat! Imagine he read the crude scrawls on the bathroom stall by Tommy Tutone. Alf would love some good cat, so he'd call 867-5309!

Alf calling 867-5309 looking for cat
The Knight Rider was one manly dude. The Hoff! Until he chose the drink of a new generation, diet style... 

The Hoff promoting Diet Pepsi
That's okay I had many other manly macho role models, like Hercules and He-Man. Complete with their tight white shirts and pink vests cinched at the waist with a fashionable belt!
He-Man the manly role model of my childhood

I guess that is why I resorted to the fantasy world of WWF. Hulk Hogan was my fav. Remember he would take on giants and communists and always win! That's what we need to bring back. Make America Strong Again right Hulk!?

Hulk Hogan says Make America Great Again

Thursday, May 30, 2019



To me, Motley Crue was THE rock band of the 80s. They lived the decadence decade with their wild lifestyle and the equally wild outfits. I still crank up the Crue when a song comes on the radio, even if I'm only in the minivan. What? I'm still cool kids!

Somedays when I really need something more than coffee I put on my Crue cassettes...b/c you can always use more Crue!

You need CRUE!

What I loved about the 80s was the outfits. It was like, the crazier the better. And, to blur the lines of gender, well that was just uncalled for...but, of course, Motley Crue was out to break the rules. I sometimes joke to myself when I hear Girls, Girls, Girls, that they did look a bit like girls when they were all made-up...especially the boots on Mars in this pic. Glam rock at its peak!

Crue living their song Girls Girls Girls
But, that rebellious attitude sure did get them the girls upon girls upon girls...heck, there are still Crue cuties out there!

Motley Crue song Girls, Girls, Girls sure got them the girls
The song I think has stood the test of time is Kickstart my heart. I still hear it played at sporting events as a pump up song. Great song that still resonates with the youth of today. 

Crue Kickstarting My Heart

Great Bike song - Kickstart My Heart

Shout at the devil is one of those songs I thought would be an anthem for all-time. I don't hear it that much anymore, so I guess I was wrong. It was a song of the 80s?

Tommy Lee shouting at the devil

Motley Crue wants you to shout at the devil

Thursday, May 16, 2019


Murder She Wrote with Jessica Fletcher 

That long running 80s tv show Murder She Wrote, with the infamous mystery writer Jessica Fletcher, was (and is still) so good to watch. Jessica seems to solve almost impossible mysteries with wit, humour, luck, and a stretching of the law. What a funny old lady. The only real mystery with this show was why nobody questioned the absurdly high murder rate in the small town of Cabot cove?! Everyone seemed to be shocked when there was another murder, yet it happened at least once a week. Funny.

Jessica Fletcher is shocked at another murder in Cabot Cove
Imagine the tourism board trying to give Cabot Cove a good reputation. A place where you would want to visit. Unfortunately, all they really have is that Cabot Cove is the murder capital of Maine. That could work actually!

Cabot Cove the murder capital of Maine
The tourism board could fall back on the fact that they have a famous mystery writer in town?

Visit Cabot Cove Jessica Fletcher lives there
Just add a picturesque scene of the Maine coastline and Jessica Fletcher! What could go wrong?!

Jessica Fletcher ready to take on the day and a mystery
I also wonder why Jessica is allowed to get involved in every murder. This is a serious crime and she ignores the fact that she is just a regular citizen, not an offical of the law, and she goes through evidence, questions witnesses, etc.

Jessica Fletcher ignored the boundaries of the law every episode
It's like she thinks she is above the law! And, the funny part is nobody every stops her!

Murder she wrote is above the law - funny!
But, when push comes to shove she can back up her little "pushing of the envelope" by the fact that she has solved hundreds and hundreds of crimes (while the police have solved none).

Jessica Fletcher solves the mysteries, the police do not!
She has solved mysteries in Cabot Cove (those are the best episodes IMO) and in other cities, like Boston and New York City!

Murder she wrote meme
And, I love her attitude. It's not obnoxious, but, confident. Edgy confident.

I could be wrong, but I doubt it - Jessica Fletcher
One of the best episodes was the cross over between Magnum PI and Murder She Wrote - how 80s is that?! Wonder why Matlock was not invited?

Murder she wrote and Magnum PI crossover - where's Matlock?
Why was the show so popular you ask? Maybe it was lack of choice back in the day? Maybe it was what the public was looking for - a strong willed older woman who would step over lines to get results? Who knows? It's a mystery? Get Jessica Fletcher on the case.
Murder She Wrote meme