Wednesday, February 13, 2019



The 80s was such an innocent time wasn't it? I remember bopping away to Olivia Newton John's Physical in my cropped sweatshirt and wrist bands. The music video was obviously about working out and losing weight...which was the physical part right? Apparently not!

Physical by Olivia Newton John was not about getting to the gym
The Greg Kihn band sang, "they don't write 'em like that anymore". Wow, did they get it right! They really don't write songs like they used to back in the 80s. The guy was a prophet!

Greh Kihn was a prophet - they don't write em like that anymore
One person who got things wrong was Lionel Ritchie. He sang songs about feeling great while dancing on the ceiling. There is only one person who can dance on a ceiling and that would be Spider-man. No one else. Dancing alone is not too enjoyable. 

Dancing on the ceiling is not a great feeling.
Lionel did get one thing right, "Hello, is it me your looking for". That is a universal saying. Everyone wants to be looked for. Am I right or am I right? 

Lionel Ritchie Hello Is it me your looking for?
The Cars tried the Hello thing too. But, I guess not many people were named, 'Again' that lyric, 'Hello, Hello Again," didn't really stick. Too bad, because I think The Cars were the best new wave band of the 80s! 

The Cars Hello Again didn't stick?
Duran Duran was another one of my 80s bands. I don't recall any "Hello" songs by them. But, a twist on that is this tag I made up at my last 80s convention. Hello my name is Rio and I dance in the sand. I'm so funny.

Hello my name is RIO and I dance in the sand.
My other fav 80s band is Van Halen. Seems like their "Jump" is still popular with the kids nowadays. Everyone has a trampoline it seems and they all sing out, "might as well jump!" while bouncing around! The 80s lives!
Van Halen Jump - great song to sing while on a trampoline
Kids nowadays still do the Safety Dance. Remember, the Men Without Hats song? Yes, the only difference is they dance with their 'friends' on Facebook. Even Mark Zuckerburg has been know to Safety Dance.

Mark recommends doing the Safety Dance with your 'friends' on Facebook
Kids are also using 80s references in everyday life. Like when little arsonists burn a house down they quietly quote Billy Joel's - We Didn't Start The Fire.

We didn't start the fire...
Young people who are starting their careers have also been known to make references to 80s music lyrics. The most interesting man in the world was stopped by the cops recently and was suprised when the Police said to him, 'de do do do, de da da da'.

The Police said to him de do do do de da da da
But us oldies we know our 80s music. Our memories are still holding strong. I find myself singing 80s rock lyrics to myself all the time. Like when I watch the weather network I always find myself humming that awesome song by the Scorpions - Rock you like a tornado!
The Scorpions Rock You Like A Hurricane or Tornado or some weather event
If the weather forecast is for high winds I'll be whistling that melody from the Scorpions other song Winds Of Change.  

The Scorpions songs should be played on the weather network
Just like Elton John sang, He's Still Standing...I sing that when I grab my cane and get out of my comfy chair. Don't chairs seem harder to get out of then they were in the 80s. What's up with furniture designers nowadays?

Elton John is still standing
The other day I was in my kid's class at school and hummed that Modern English song I'll Stop The World and Melt With You. The teacher actually stopped and corrected me - apparently, the world cannot stop because of gravity, centrifugal force, and logic! Ouch! 

Modern English was wrong the world cannot stop and melt with you
I argued back that if everyone Wang Chung'd tonight and actually lightened up and had some fun the state of the universe could tranform and the world could stop and melt. Or, at least the side facing the sun would melt. Am I right or am I right? 

If everyone Wang Chung tonight then there would be a lot of fun, and the world may melt on one side.
Whoops, I just fell asleep for a moment...this getting old is tiring isn't it. Thanks for waking me up before you go go onto another page. If you want more 80s music memes click here.

Wham, fell asleep, but, you woke me up before you go go'd. Thanks.
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