Wednesday, 30 January 2019



Oh, that 80s supergroup had such great music! Memorable tunes that have stuck with us to this day. Their hits have catchy one liners that make great jokes - I can't go for that! I'll make your dreams come true! 

I have a theory that every song by Hall and Oates was written about one rich, set in her ways, girl who liked to bite...Rich Girl, Maneater...that girl should get some royalties right?

Hall and Oates songs inspired by one crazy chick!
My favourite song is I'll make your dreams come true. But, if you rewatch the video it can look kind of creepy! 

Hall and Oates will make your nightmares, er, dreams come true.

Did you take them literally? Hall and Oates are not wizards!

Hall and Oates dreams come true
Actually, a lot of the videos are dark, foggy, and have a scary edge to them. It's mostly the fashion choices that do it...and that huge moustache! 

A Maneater can be fooled as shown by Hall's outfit
Hall and Oates out of touch? Maybe that one day...
Daryl Hall and John Oates sure had their looks didn't they! A bit feminine and a bit mustachey! 

Rich Girl, no just Daryl Hall
They were cutting edge though. Always pushing the envelope on music. Method of Modern Love, that song was so different than anything at the time, and it was a success. Kind of like the Hall and Oates photoshoots, always interesting. And, as rumour has it, Oates was the first to officially photobomb!

Hall and Oates photobomb!
Did you ever actually listen to the words of some songs. Can you picture Daryl Hall carrying around a list with something like 'Kiss from Betty' on it? I can.

Hall and Oates did have your kiss on their list

For awhile I wasn't sure about one of their songs, "I can't go for that"...probably b/c I thought it was I can't go for TAT. Misheard lyric, haha.

I Can't Go For That

Wednesday, 23 January 2019



As Rick Astley sings, 'You know the rules and so do I'.

Rick Astley knows the rules
I believe he was referring to his Never Gonna rules. You know? Never Gonna 1) Give you up 2) Let you down...I made a quick Never Gonna cycle which you can refer to in case you ever need to know the correct sequence of Never Gonna rules.

Rick Astley Never Gonna Cycle

As with all rules, they are made to be broken. 

Even Gordan Ramsey respects the Never Gonna rules

Or celebrated with a cake.

Never Gonna Dessert you
Definitely studied and tested.

Study and Test Rick Astley songs

Inspirations for artwork.

Never Gonna Give you up artwork

Then used by corporations as advertising slogans.

Never Gonna Give you up slogan

When you've become that big, the only way to come back is by being mocked by social media.

Rickrolled - Rick's saving grace
Or made into a cake. What's with the cakes?

Rick Rolls - yummers

Friday, 11 January 2019



If you have found your way to this blog you are obviously a big fan of 80s music. Which is why you'd be insulted if your boyfriend made derogatory remarks about your clean-the-house-80s-playlist. If he does, give him the old Billy Idol staredown...

Not to make assumptions, but, I'm assuming if you've made it to this blog you are 'old'. Maybe not in spirit, but, in the physical world. According to Billy Joel you must be one bad ass...

And, if you are a lawyer, it's best not to quote Billy Joel when in court... 

You may even be a parent of a backtalking teen. Just remember you are the Springsteen of your household...never forget that...
And, you've probably learned a few lessons or two in your day. Like, fashion trends are sometimes stupid...
And, there may even be times when you hear the literal version of Depeche Mode's 'Enjoy The Silence'...b/c you are old and going deaf.
Hopefully, you have upgraded the sound system you carry around and you are now using a smart phone. Doing so will save you so much on batteries!

You have probably moved out of your parents basement, unlike the millennials of today, and hopefully you'll remember Arhaus when moving up to the middle of the street...

I hear there is a good pet shop nearby run by some nice pet shop boys. They sell all kinds of interesting pets.

Remember, if you are building a new house to get that permit from city hall. And, if you are starting a new city of your own you need to get a permit from the land registry office (I think?).

Since you are not as young as you used to be, please take it easy when you dance for joy after taking over the world, okay?!

We are not quite at that age, but, when you do get well past your prime be extra vigilant. One auto accident and you could lose the license for being too old! Be sure to wake up before you go-go anywhere!

Anyway, keep having fun and listening to the best music this universe has to offer...

Keep it together people

Wednesday, 2 January 2019



Aha, aka the Duran Duran of Scandinavia! With synthy pop songs and that award winning 'Take On Me' video (where there guy gets sucked into a comic book), they hit fortune and fame in the 80s.

Take on Me - could only be a better video if a muppet was included

Why a pipe wrench for a mechanic? 80s videos never made sense.
 Apparently, they are still together and touring to this day. 

Aha playing in London England 2018
I guess they have matured over the years, as evedinced by an interview with Morten Harket where he says, "once you tasted the raisins you never go back to the grapes"... a reference to making out with older women? 
What a positive, bright, look on life. Living the mantra from their second most popular song - The Sun Always Shines On TV

Aha claimed the Sun Always Shined on TV

What about Hallmark movies when the snowstorm hits?
A-HA will always have a special spot in my music heart. In fact, I usually put their song Take On Me at the top of all my 80s playlists. What a great compliment to any 80s band eh?