Wednesday, January 10, 2018


VAN HALEN MEMES - Running with the Devil


Being a super Van, er, Fan of Van Halen, I don't get the lyrics wrong. But, apparently some people do. Here is a popular missed lyric - Panama is often thought to be "Padded Bra". That doesn't even makes sense, "Panama" does...right?

Panama is confused with Padded Bra - meatheads!
Doesn't matter! I can see people mixing up 1984, the best album ever, with that book you had to read in high school - the book called 1984. I bet there are a lot of literary phd people thinking, why would Orwell name his book after a Van Halen album?!

Every teacher promotes both 1984s

I read the book while listening to the entire Van Halen catologue
I don't ever sing the lyrics wrong, but, sometimes I think Van Halen wasn't talking about love in that song Talkin' 'bout love. That might just be my mix up though. I think they might have been talking about their love of donuts?!

There is also some confusion around the actual make up of the band. There was the good Van Halen, with David Lee Roth. Then there was the other...I won't even say the word...with Sammy (who should have stuck to driving 55 and crashed into a tree instead of ruining the best band ever!!)

It's Ok Marcia, I'd dump a Hagar lover too!

Tell it like it is Joe

Also, don't be worried if you actually thought Van Halen ran with the devil. Turns out they don't even run. It was a metaphor.

Van Halen Runnin' with the Devil

They didn't actually run with the devil

Oh, and this is not a real's a bass.

The bass player from VH, um, I can't remember his name. Jack or Danny maybe?

There is some truth with these memes. Like this one.

I haven't seen the movie in a while. That movie Joe Dirt. He likes Van Halen. But, I believe his parents went to a Boston concert and he got the mulley from there. But, don't quote me.

Oh, and Obi Wan did not join Van Halen. He may have worn spandex pants, but, I know for sure he did not join the band. Well, 90% sure.

Obi Wan was not their only hope - he would have been better than Sammy though


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