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Let's start with a great 80s hair joke - tease it up with a reference to a metal band (whitestake), an obsolete retail establishment (sears) and a classic 80s family event (the yearly family photo).

Remember Air Supply? I try to forget their hair and red pleather jackets with the band name stitched onto the arm, but, ya, I remember Air Supply. I'm NOT all out of love for them.

I still have love for Air Supply. Do you?
Ever been to Europe? Nope, just listened to them in the 80s. Now I'm a dinosaur... 

The final countdown, da-nana-naa da-na-nuh-nuh-naaa
I always wondered if Hall and Oates actually had a list of people they wanted to kiss? Sounds romantic - like Maneater! 
I bet my kiss is on their list
On the subject of love - remember giving out valentines? Ya, I do. You'd save the best one for your best friend (not your crush). 
80s graphic design was so awesome with the pastels, the grid lines, the floating shapes!
Another experience that is long gone is sitting in front of the TV, not being able to choose what to watch, and being stuck with nerdy game shows about words...or if you were lucky trivia about random topics. Very educational if you actually think about it.

I would win this round, even without vowels!
Education and safety - that was the 80s way! No, no it wasn't. It was all about excluding those who didn't dance...shame on you Men in Hats! Oh, and where is your hat?! You are not wearing it, you are going to get sunstroke! 

Men in Hats promoted safety with their Safety Dance
Another great encourager of dancing was Wang Chung. They had that awesome dance hit aptly named Dance Hall Days. When I "80s dance" with my arms a swayin' and my feet a steppin' I call that my Wang Chung! Which actually sounds pretty terrible, but, I mean it in the best way.

I wouldn't mind wang chungin' right now - put on some A-ha!
Apparently, berets are back in fashion. Yep, I see them on people all the time now. I used to own one, it was red, but, a really great darkish maroonish kinda red. I wonder if I have it buried away in a box in the attic. 

Did Prince really wear a raspberry beret?
Beer is still cool. Bosses and Kings still drink it, but, probably not as much since there is now research showing how bad drinking and smoking is to the body. Stuff nobody knew about in the 80s...or they knew about it, but, it was the 80s so nobody cared!

Bruce and Mike kicking back with a Bud.
But, I can tell you that 80s music is still influencing the modern beats of today. 

No doubt in my mind that "H" & "Izzo" is newspeak for Hall & Oates
And, there is a definite influence on TV... 

TV has changed. It will never be the escape it was back in the day. For some reason illogical, unrealistic, violent, scientifically impossible story lines ain't cool anymore! 

Don't forget the leather jacket.

Now a short break. Enjoy the 80s music memes.

The happiest band on the planet

When you need a 'stash model - Freddie is the one to look up to.

Admit it, you still drum roll your steering wheel when the song comes on the radio

I've been rocked

This wouldn't happen nowadays b/c we have GPS systems. Thank goodness.

It's TRUE!
Hey if Spanadu Ballet says it's TRUE, then it's TRUE!

Guess you had to be in the 80s to really understand how hungry a heart can get
Rock Band is the best way to teach kids about the great music of the 80s.

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