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As time passes the music of the 80s matures and ripens - it takes on new labels like 'classic' and 'oldies'. I'm not insulted, I still know it is the best music ever, so I can laugh at all the 'old' jokes. Mostly b/c I feel sorry for the new generation and their music. Sorry kids.

I love this first meme - "I'm getting old and I'm not even an 80s baby" (and there is crying emoji faces). I'm surprised you are even allowed to drive...dude.

Not an 80s baby

Thanks for the fact Capt Obvious - I think 80s music is actually making a comeback. Have you noticed all the old bands are touring again? It is a comeback or us 'old' people finally have the money to pay for the concert tickets. 

80s music was popular in the 80s - that's a fact.

"Geezer Music". I'm thinking that means awesome music. You can go back to texting your friends now little girl. Or better yet tune into this internet radio station -

Yes, there were plenty of music gods in the 80s - the true talent rose up, no matter how bad their hair was (sorry Al). 

Weird Al and Run DMC - peace

Us oldies don't Run DMC anymore, we Jog DMC.

Do you know this feeling - you crack a good Police Academy reference and your coworkers (look up from texting on their phones) and say "they don't get it". *makes whoomp-whoomp 80s video game over sound * Happens daily to me.

80s references in the modern workspace may not go over as well as you want them to

If your young coworkers do not get this next meme they need to spend a few hours in front of my VHS player and watch some 'classic' 'oldies'. Or they could buy it from Amazon, only $4.99, and have a drone deliver it to their loft.

Water is essential for life - life as a gremlin

Actually, we might as face reality - we had a good run, but, we are past our prime. Can you see the signs...I know I can.

The signs of aging

Before you take that walk I'll leave you with a few 80s music jokes...

My problem is that my minivan does not have a cassette player!


Pour some sugar on MAY...that's a good one.
Simon Lebon?!

The number you should call is 867-5309

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