Thursday, July 19, 2018


Part Duran Duran Part Robert Palmer

In the mid 80s Duran Duran took a bit of a break as a band. A couple of the members of Duran Duran (John Taylor & Andy Taylor)...NOT Simon Lebon [insert sad face] teamed up with Robert Palmer and created a few songs. 

Personally, I don't love the Power Station music, but, with the celebrity power behind the Taylors and Palmer I can understand why their song Some Like it Hot & Bang a Gong were top billboard hits. And, why they got to perform on SNL and have an interview on Good Morning America - 

But, of course with all musical supergroups there are problems. Ego problems. You put together a few big-headed successful musicians who are used to having their own way with their other band, add that 'creative temperment' and BOOM you've got fireworks. Apparently there were a few blow ups with Palmer getting all defensive about 'who created Power Station's sound'. That's just the rumours.

Whenever I heard this song all I can think about is the Lampoon's movie European Vacation. Rusty daydreams he is some sort of celebrity walking through a club that is playing this song while scantily clad ladies (in their 80s aerobic outfits) dance and claw at him.

I found a really good cover of the song done by a band called CHIN CHIN. I bet it would be hard to cover a song like this, and I like Chin Chin's funky take on it ...

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