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The Cars are the band we used to listen to in the car - no pun intended. I remember the pile of tapes, I remember looking at the covers, I remember thinking what a great band name "The Cars"...and wondering what inspired the name? Boy, was I a stupid kid sometimes?
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We used to listen to the cassettes so often that I sometimes hear "Drive" or "Best Friend's Girl" on the radio and when it ends am expecting another Cars song to come on...just so used to hearing the same tracks in the 'right' order.
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To me, they really did great cover art. Those album covers are what remind me of the 80's...I know some of them came out in the 70s, but, I remember listening to them in the 80s, staring at the small cassette covers for hours while driving around, and just taking in the trebley guitar, the 80s sounding synthesizer, and the harmonious choruses. Aaah, new wave 80s music at it's finest.
Heartbeat City - A rare CD

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I saw CANDY-O on display in a music store window the other VINYL! Vinyl is back - get in on Amazon - and the cover art is much better in LP size than cassette size, I'll tell you that. I never really noticed all the covers have cars in there somewhere - remember I was a stupid kid.
Ok, not all of the covers had cars...some of the singles didn't.
Hey, where is the car in this cover?


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