Sunday, 28 May 2017


Internet radio has it's benefits

After years of listening to both internet radio and conventional airwave radio I can say, as a quasi expert, that internet radio wins. Why is internet radio better?

Less Talk More Music - You hear this claim all the time, that our radio station has less talk and plays more music? Wrong. DJ feel they need to earn their keep by filling time with their chatter. It's not always bad, but, if you are truly looking for more music and less talk than internet radio stations win, hands down, again!
Less Advertising - Conventional radio broadcasts waves of FM or AM through a big old antenna. This takes a lot of power - which costs money. Internet radio streams through the internet - which is a fraction of the cost. Less cost, less advertising needed.

A positive side effect of this cost difference is that smaller stations can be set up, stations with small audiences, stations like 80sthrowbackparty, that cater to niche music audiences. As a listener you can find an internet station that will cater to your music tastes are, no matter how obscure they are.
Internet radio allows you to personalize your listening experience. You are not just one of thousands, but, one of a few. Your requests carry more weight with your favourite internet station what they would with the local CJOK or WKRP.

Heard 'round the world by 35 people!

Internet stations are like local businesses - they are run with the heart, soul, and passion of one person. Support them and make someone's life that much better!

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