Wednesday, 3 May 2017



Ahh, the times we spent lounging in front of the TV...sadly, I feel like I may have spent upwards of 12 hours a day staring at the TV. Oh well, it was the 80s and TV was awesome right?

I really loved ALF - the Alien Life Form. I thought it was funny that he only wanted to eat cats.

Subway's new footlong - Tabby Cat

ALF doing some promotion with the Bed-In people

Crude, but, hilarious

Alf about to get caught trying to eat the cat again

Remember the Dad, Gordon Shumway. Why did he keep ALF around? He was always trying to eat the cat and Gord would catch every day!

I also remember watching the A-Team. Tough guys driving around in a van without, that isn't creepy now that I think about it. And, what is with Mr Ts gold chains. Can he even move with all that weight?

What is with the guns A-Team...a little much.

Sweet prizes in the box - MR T stickers!

Too much gold Mr the foo'

And then there was something completely different - The Golden Girls. As if, as kids, we watched a show about seniors living in Florida?! What was wrong with us. They were grumpy and weird...and always seem to have relationship problems. Is this really a good show for kids to be watching? Probably not.

Murder She Wrote. Ah, the cozy mystery novel brought to life. But, after multiple seasons of murders in the small town of Cabot Cove I'd think there would be nobody left to kill. Guess that's why she went on all her book tours and visits with her nephew...poor guy, anyone who had contact with the guy ended up dying. Oh well, it was all in good fun.

Was this from a Sears catalogue?

Knight Rider was...pretty lame. The car was cool for the times. A talking car that could talk and drive on its own, now that's cool (but, a real life Google car I don't trust). I remember even when I was a kid thinking that David Hasselhoff was a bit of a cheeseball.

KITT was cool - the thumbs up guy, um, no

Speaking of Baywatch alumni remember Heather Locklear in TJ Hooker? No, I don't either.

I do remember watching HE-MAN every day though! The sad part is that He-Man is now on Netflix...and I made the mistake of watching an episode. It's bad. You'll laugh pretty hard when you watch it now, as an adult, in the high tech world of if we watched a show where this overly muscular man rode a tiger (animal cruelty) and was always battling (overt violence) this creepy skull guy (scary, too scary). Then that ghosty cloth covered druid floating guy would ask you if you were actually watching?! By the power of greyskull...

Magnum PI is still awesome. His stash is a bit outdated, but, his lifestyle is still the shit! Fast cars, Hawaiian print shirts, and a nice-guy crime fighting attitude.

Reading a murder she wrote

Not like Miami Vice - they were just (insert D words).

It was probably later in the 90s that I watched way too much Night Court - it was on reruns, and remember when there was only a few stations to choose from. Well Night Court won. I just remember the bailiff BULL...I loved how they made the lawyers, judge, even the criminal smart and witty and the security guy was a dunce.

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