Monday, 8 May 2017



David Bowie - Let's Dance hit #1 or #2 on every chart except Italy!

I always crank the music when Let's Dance comes on the radio. I love that bassline that sounds so '80s' to me. Sometimes I can't even control myself and I start my 80s-swaying dance. It embarrasses my kids.

I've never really thought about the songs meaning, I took it literally - let's dance. But, some people think it means much more - everything from being someone your are not, like the girl in the video 'putting on red shoes' and then throwing them off at the end of the video.

I think Let's Dance is about dancing

To thinking it means something romantic - as in come sway with me under the moonlight (the serious moonlight). You know what that means?!

It may just be a bit of both - Bowie was the master at being a bit of everything...yet original.

According to me, I still like to think it is about getting down and dancing!

Oh and fun fact - the B side to the Let's Dance Single was 'Cat People'.

David Bowie was a Cat person I believe.

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