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Murder She Wrote with Jessica Fletcher 

That long running 80s tv show Murder She Wrote, with the infamous mystery writer Jessica Fletcher, was (and is still) so good to watch. Jessica seems to solve almost impossible mysteries with wit, humour, luck, and a stretching of the law. What a funny old lady. The only real mystery with this show was why nobody questioned the absurdly high murder rate in the small town of Cabot cove?! Everyone seemed to be shocked when there was another murder, yet it happened at least once a week. Funny.

Jessica Fletcher is shocked at another murder in Cabot Cove
Imagine the tourism board trying to give Cabot Cove a good reputation. A place where you would want to visit. Unfortunately, all they really have is that Cabot Cove is the murder capital of Maine. That could work actually!

Cabot Cove the murder capital of Maine
The tourism board could fall back on the fact that they have a famous mystery writer in town?

Visit Cabot Cove Jessica Fletcher lives there
Just add a picturesque scene of the Maine coastline and Jessica Fletcher! What could go wrong?!

Jessica Fletcher ready to take on the day and a mystery
I also wonder why Jessica is allowed to get involved in every murder. This is a serious crime and she ignores the fact that she is just a regular citizen, not an offical of the law, and she goes through evidence, questions witnesses, etc.

Jessica Fletcher ignored the boundaries of the law every episode
It's like she thinks she is above the law! And, the funny part is nobody every stops her!

Murder she wrote is above the law - funny!
But, when push comes to shove she can back up her little "pushing of the envelope" by the fact that she has solved hundreds and hundreds of crimes (while the police have solved none).

Jessica Fletcher solves the mysteries, the police do not!
She has solved mysteries in Cabot Cove (those are the best episodes IMO) and in other cities, like Boston and New York City!

Murder she wrote meme
And, I love her attitude. It's not obnoxious, but, confident. Edgy confident.

I could be wrong, but I doubt it - Jessica Fletcher
One of the best episodes was the cross over between Magnum PI and Murder She Wrote - how 80s is that?! Wonder why Matlock was not invited?

Murder she wrote and Magnum PI crossover - where's Matlock?
Why was the show so popular you ask? Maybe it was lack of choice back in the day? Maybe it was what the public was looking for - a strong willed older woman who would step over lines to get results? Who knows? It's a mystery? Get Jessica Fletcher on the case.
Murder She Wrote meme

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