Thursday, March 21, 2019



The winter is coming to an end, but, there still may be a freak storm ahead. Joe Jackson may want to take note and not be 'steppin' out tonight'.
Joe Jackson won't be steppin' out
The weather forecaster suggests that next week will be cold, but, then insinuated that it may turn hot if you dail Jenny's phone number - which is secretly coded into the temperatures.
Jenny's number 867-5309 is in the forecast
Looks like Zach is taking the forecast for all that it's worth and dailing 867-5309!
Using an 80s cell phone to dail up 867-5309, Jenny!
The weather may bring a change in air if I could only remember how to calculate that. I know I'll ask David Bowie, he knows about stuff being Under Pressure, and the formula for figuring it all out.
Under Pressure with David Bowie
But, we know the warmer weather is coming. I can't wait to get out my classic 1984 Trans Am and burn down the highway. Unlike Sammy Hagar I won't drive over 55 - I can drive 55!
Sammy Hagar made it very clear he can't drive 55
I'll probably pop open the T-roof on my Trans Am, which will make it windy and make my eyes water. That will remind me of Tears for Fears and I'll want to listen to Songs from the big chair. I'll shout, shout, let it all out while driving.
Tears for Fears - Songs from the big chair literally
Then I'll probably be wishing for No More Tears, as Ozzy sings. I'll probably stop and buy some J&J baby shampoo.
Ozzy Osborne - No More Tears!
I'll probably be having some much fun reliving my youth that I'll drive around all day. By the time I get home it'll be nighttime. I'll be onto playing Bruce Springsteen by then, and you know what he says to do when it gets dark - dance. Dance in the dark, right? I always do what The Boss says.
Dancing in the dark with Bruce Springsteen
As soon as I walk into the door I'll see my reflection in a mirror and realize the wind did wonders for my hair. If I wanted huge wind blown 80s hair, which I did. Just like Reo Speedwagon!
Reo Speedwagon couldn't fight the feeling they had big hair
It's then I realize I had tickets to the orchestra. The electric light orchestra. At least I have the right hairdo for it.
ELO joke
I'm not sure if I should go, or even if I want to go. Last time I ran into Pat Benatar and ended up being escorted out of the concert by security. I hit her with my best shot - a right hook.
Hit Pat Benatar with my best shot - a right hook!
Maybe I'll just stay home and pop in a tape, a VHS tape. Maybe Police Academy or Revenge of the Nerds?
Back in my day we watched VHS movies
However, if you feel like going please give me a call. Don't worry about how late you call, I may be asleep, but, I'd rather you wake me up before you go go. Actually, scrap that thought. You go go before you wake me up, okay?
WHAM and Grumpy Cat meme

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