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There are a handful of 80s songs that , if you really listen to the lyrics, sound like the artist needs to:
A) get a life
B) get back into reality
3) Have a restraining order placed on them.

 Let's start with Dan Hartman - That awesome 80s song "I CAN DREAM ABOUT YOU". A 'love song' if you may? But, think about it. "I can dream about you, if I can't hold you tonight"...what if the  girl he wants does not want him. It is like a weird threat - you won't be with me!? No problem, I'll have you in my dreams! Creepy!

Dan Harman getting ready for sleepy time...will you be in his dream tonight?

The real Dan Harman!

Just adding a bit of mysticism makes it even creepier!

Tommy Tutone's hit song JENNY aka 867-5309, now that song makes me question the song writer. Tommy finds a phone number scribbled on the wall in the men's room. He fantasises about who this Jenny is. He tries to call on numerous occations, but, gets all nervous. Man, this dude has some big problems!?

Maybe, but, probably more like a nerdy guy who has girl phobia

Speaking of relationship problems, how about Rick Springfield. What I get from that song JESSIE'S GIRL is that he knows some dude named Jessie and is pining over his girl...we never know her name, he just refers to her as 'girl' (nice Rick). It's like two toddlers in a sandbox and Rick wants Jessie's toy. Instead of going out and finding a 'girl' for himself, Rick just obsesses over Jessie's girl. Wishing over and over that he 'had her'. It is very objectifying and weird!

This screams 'marking territory'

Jessie's nameless girl is just a trophy...very sad.

I feel Springfield has something against Jessie

Kind of like The Cars song BEST FRIEND'S GIRL. They sing all about having a giant crush on their best friend's girl. Why do that to your 'bestie' man?

I wouldn't want you as my best friend - you'd steal my girl!

Then there is ESCAPE by Rupert Holmes. The ultimate messed up relationship song. The guy is sitting there reading the personal ads in bed while his wife is sleeping beside him! He decides she is not new and shiny enough so he responds to this personal ad from a fun sounding chick. Well, doesn't it turn out that cool sounding fox is actually his 'old lady'! They meet up at a bar to 'escape' their worn out relationships and realize...whoops, that personal ad was actually my wife/husband. They have a little chuckle and drink some champagne. Then go home and make love at midnight and NOT do yoga. Now, that is messed up!

I predict divorce in four years

Hopefully, they just laughed together and solved all of their problems

What? Did they then both clap their hands?

Then there is the songs that make you feel sad for the guy...Example, Joe Jackson's IS SHE REALLY GOING OUT WITH HIM. The poor guy is staring out the window watching all the other dudes in town taking ladies on dates and such, while he wallows away in his apartment repeating sad mantras to himself about how much of a loser he is. All the while thinking, why are those guys gettin' the girls? UM, maybe you just need to go out and talk to a lady Joe!

You do Joe, you do look smooth!

Joe go Steppin' Out and meet that girl of your dreams!


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