Monday, November 27, 2017



Christopher Cross was that 80s singer of 'Sailing' know, "sailing, take me away...". It was labelled 'Adult Contemporary', but, for me it was still awesome. Don't trust labels I say.

Apparently 'sailing' was inspired, literally, by sailing trips Chris would go on with his teenage friend. He jokes that he could have written a song called "Bowling", if he had went bowling instead of sailing. Thank goodness for his sailboat wielding friend eh?

Cool guitar Christopher Cross

What I loved was in his Sailing video he wore that football jersey. Not as concerned about fashion as his 90s counterparts Kris Kross!

Kris Kross was that 90s hip hop kid duo with hits like Jump (Kris Kross 'll make ya Jump Jump!"), Warm it up Kris, I missed the Bus...yes, I had the cassette and almost wore the thing out playing it over and over and over on my burgundy ghettoblaster! 
Oh, and Kriss Kross also had a particular style -they wore their clothes backwards, that was kind of their thing. And, if you want an easy throwback 90s party costume idea - just wear clothes backwards and call yourself Chris.

Kris Kross style clothing - aka backwards

I know there is a decade in between Christopher Cross's debute into stardom (1980) and Kris Kross's hit debut album (1991), but, there still seems to be some confusion amongst those dang millennials.

Heck, even Chris Cross and Kris Kross get mixed up with Chris Columbus (not the movie director)!

I hate to admit it, but, I have more connection to Kriss Kross and their jumping, warming up, and missin' the bus. Sorry 80s fans I'm one of those damn GenXers (there's the labels again!)

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