Tuesday, September 25, 2018



That wonderful song by Phil - Two Hearts - reached that number ONE spot on the charts in 1988/89.
There were two videos made for this song. The original is Phil and his bandmates singing the song. 
The second video featured WWF wrestler the Ultimate Warrior...does anyone else find that strange?

Phil's wresting outfit is interesting
There is actually a third video, not 'official', but, still pretty good. Made by a fan.

I did make another interesting connection, speaking of two hearts...Phil Collins & Star Trek Captain Jean Luc Picard! Phil seems to be involved in so many pieces of the entertainment field.

Phil and Picard really do look like alike don't they?

When asked who felt it coming in the air tonight?
In The Air Tonight was another hit song by Phil that features the famous 'drum break' which is just perfect to air drum to, especially while in the car sitting at at stop light.

I know I play the air drums everytime.

I give the thumbs up AFTER I'm done my air drumming of course

I feel storms coming in the air sometimes too - my elbow joint hurts
This song was his first hit after leaving that band he was in before - the first band - Genesis.

Genesis 1:2 Then God made Phil Collins & Jean Luc Picard
I always wondered what a Sussudio was. I love that song soo-soo-sooddiah, but, still not sure what it means. If I could sit down with Phil for an hour that would be one of the first questions I'd ask. 

Phil knows...

Phil jokes are punny

Anyway, I like Phil and really don't trust anyone that doesn't. What do you think? Go ahead tell my new friends...

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