Wednesday, April 19, 2017



John Bon Jovi is loved, I mean loved, by woman worldwide. So, this meme really hits home with the many fans of JBJ. Bon Jovi could put his good looks to good use. I know I'd be in that line help solve world hunger. Ya, that's it.

I'm a big reader. Not a big reader of 80s books, but, more in the vein of YA (the cool sounding acronym for TEEN books) and SCIFI (which means cool). I'm assuming most of you are illiterate and therefore will recognize this next meme from the movie version of Hunger Games. It's the baker's son...kneading bread...that's funny...a 'Cheap Trick' if you may! Now I'm hilarious!

The next meme is funny b/c it's a 50s mom cranking AC/DC in her Chevy. The only thing that would make this funnier would be a swear word.

Now, onto 80s movies. What would happen if you took the Busters out of get this disaster...

Now, what if you asked a group of people, 'who you gonna call'...and they didn't answer the way you wanted what would you do? Ectoplasm them?

Now, if you are a true '80s person' what would you do if you saw this...

You invert your car and flash everyone the 'bird' right? Right Goose?

Now, back to music. If you are a true '80s person' you would look at this Hall & Oates cover and think nothing of it. If you are not an '80s person', you would think WTF is that?!

And, if you are an '80s person' you will laugh at this next meme...and then stare at the cover art, which is actually very strange - a nude woman wearing a backpack? What the...


Again, if you are a true '80s person' you will look at this next pic and think...WTF? Ok, you'll think the same thing if you are not an 80s person. I mean come on: ET & MJ!

Everyone, even us '80s people', will get a laugh out of these pics...and if you don't then please leave.

Now, you may return to your glamour shots with the dog.

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