Monday, February 6, 2017


What was the project Alan Parsons was working on?

Alan Parson picture
Judging by this popular picture of Alan Parsons, and unidentified man, it appears the project was to start a commune of some sort and then drink the special potion that would allow them to unite in the clouds...with the eye in the sky!?

Some thought it was a laser that would have the power to blow up the moon.

The Alan Parsons Project
This rumour was reinforced in the late 90s by the infamous Dr. Evil.

Some thought the Alan Parson's project was a collection of the most aggressive moves in chess!

Those people were dorks. 
Alan Parson the world champion badminton player had no idea what the project was all about.

I'm from the 50s dude!
Some computer people thought the Alan Parsons Project was an acronym, APP, which stood for app...those computer programs you have on your phone. You know? "There's an app for that"
So, in other words The Alan Parsons Project was a project in world domination.

APP stands for ALAN PARSONS PROJECT...or does it?!

However, the majority of common sense minded people believe that the project turned out to be something called 'progressive soft rock' - with velvety soft tones but still a rockin' beat and some wicked guitar solos thrown in there too.

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