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Ah, Phil. You know, the drummer from Genesis that went out on his own and dominated the music scene in the 1980s. He had all kinds of hits - some uptempo numbers and some smooth slower ones. His music videos were awesome b/c they were more than music...they were like a short film with Phil as the lead. Talented Phil could do anything it seemed!

Talent abounds in Phil Collins
His casual, No Jacket Required (now how cool is that? Not wearing jacket! Well, depends on the weather I guess?) went #1 all over the world. And, with hits like Sussudio, One More Night, Take Me Home, and Don't Lose My Number, I can see why.

Don't Lose His Number!

Ah, lovable, calm, cool, collected, Phil...well, unless you lose his number!

This is what happens when you lose Phil Collins number!
And, you don't really want to lose contact with Phil b/c he has one awesome swimming pool.

Phil Collins hanging at the pool

He made a mark, a giant dent, in the 80s that still carries through to modern day.
He is often the butt of jokes - implying that his music is girly and outdated. Well, we all know that is wrong, which I guess is what makes the jokes funny.

Just more proof that Phil rocks is the fact that his music still plays in grocery stores and such...where we all hum along, or sometimes sing quietly if nobody else is in the aisle.

 ♪ Hmmm, su-su-sudio...da,da,dada,da,da ♪

Phil Collins can dance. That was him being sarcastic.


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