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Simon Lebon, that big haired stylish hottie from that 80s supergroup Duran Duran, has said some great things over the years. Some people said he had a bit of an attitude; perhaps thought he was a gift to the world? I won't argue with that. But, I'll let you decide based on the following quotes from Sir Simon.

Simon Lebon - EGO of STEEL!

"I don't love myself to death. I just don't think I've got any bad points" - SIMON

To me, that just sounds like the guy is confident. He knows he is a great musician. The sold out concerts and huge record sales just prove it. You can't say he is wrong! You just can't!

Simon Lebon a snob? I don't think so.

"I'm not a snob ask anyone...anyone that matters." - SIMON

Again, sort of true. Small minded, uncultured people, with no class may say Simon is a snob. Well, their opinion, in my opinion, is worthless! Again, Simon is right!

Duran Duran - always a cool band

"Apparently, Duran Duran is cool again...but, we always thought we were cool" - SIMON

Flashback to the early 80s and Duran Duran is by far the super coolest thing around. They had the cool hair, the blazers, the parachute things. Nowadays, those things are coming back into fashion - so, Duran Duran still looks cool to this very day! And, I still hear their music on the radio (it may be the 'classic rock' or 'retro mix' station, but, RIO and ORDINARY WORLD are still blasting from the speakers of my ride (which is now a minivan...not a Pontiac Firebird with a T roof). 

Simon Lebon winner of girls hearts worldwide

"We competed against each other for the sexiest girls. And, I won!" - SIMON

Well, that just makes sense, doesn't it? 

Simon Lebon bonker of models

"I'd spend all my time in the nightclubs, or in my bedroom bonking" - SIMON 

In the early 80s Duran Duran toured the world. Simon especially loved touring through Asia. “All I cared about was finding women,” Simon later recalled about his time there. “And I’d go to the clubs where the Western models meet, and I’d take ’em back home with me. And I’d spend all my time either in the nightclub, or in my bedroom bonking!”

What a cool dude! Love that he used the word 'bonk'. That makes me laugh.

Simon Lebon and Duran Duran - Party Time!

"We are Duran Duran, and we are designed to make you party!" - SIMON

According to sources close to the band, they were almost always in party mode - especially when it came to drinking and drugs. Party time all the time! What? It was the 80s.

Save yourself for Simon Lebon

Simon Lebon is a Manchester United fan - tally ho RED!

"I absolutely love the colour I had to support United" - SIMON

Apparently, Simon chooses to support football teams according to their colours. According to the Manchester United Football website, Simon Lebon is a big fan - sadly, the support seems to be solely based on the colour of jerseys. 

I guess for a musician / artist, colour is more important than athletic skills, stats, that kind of thing.


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