Wednesday, February 7, 2018


80s Music Memes - Very Funny


The eighties were a special time: great bands, kick-butt music....which is why it is now trendy and hip to claim you were around in that era. Even hipster punks try to lay claim to the 80s.

Being born in the 80s was always cool

 Rock in the late 70s and early 80s was just awesome. It really was. You had bands like Blondie, Heart, Rush, Van Halen, Helix, Foreigner, Nazareth...not only could they play, but, they looked really cool with their handlebar moustaches. They also had rockin' names. 

They may not have made it without a synthesizer player!


The CURE! One of the eighties-est of 80s bands. Especially for that melancolic teen. You know, come to think of it, Robert Smith may have invented TGIF. He did creat a version of it with Friday I'm in Love. Who wouldn't look forward to Friday if you are in love that day. I bet Robert would say to himself, thank god it's Friday...I'm about to be in love.

I prefer Friday as well

This looks exactly like my calendar. Except mine says 'snuggle kittens' every second Monday

Robert Y no smile?

I'm not 100% sure what disease The Cure was fighting - I'm thinking it was diabetes.

The prevention, that's a good one :)

Damn millenials

You know what else is pretty trendy nowadays - throwing an 80s party. I've had one and can say they are so much fun. You get out the old spandex pants, denim vests, mousse & hairspray and just go to town.

Pretty soon us original 80s partiers will be 80 - ouch!

Fun 80s Trivia Time 

We know the original name for Johnny Hates Jazz was the vastly inappropriate Johnny Hates J***. But, how well do you know the origins of other hit 80s bands?

Duran Duran's original name?

I like Duran Duran, but, LeBrun LeBrun would have worked too!

Quick quiz - why does that show Glee keep singing Journey songs? They are gonna run out soon! 

Damn Millenials!

We all know, and love, Tommy Tutones one hit wonder Jenny (867-5309), but, have you ever wondered what the heck the area code was? 

I think it should be a San Francisco area code!
 Name that singer: Who wanted you to Face On Him, Live like a refugee, Don't come around here no more, Stand up at the gates of hell, or Do him like that?


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